Working from home

7 reasons that working from home is better than going to the office.

1 When you tell your Anglo-Saxon friends that you are working in the Home Office, they think that you are a Deep State government operative. 

2 Your commute takes less time than you need to wash your hands.

3 A suit is not mandatory. In fact, no formal attire is compulsory. Clothing below the waist is entirely optional. Not only do you not have to wear trousers, you can dispense with pants, socks and basic human hygiene (except for washing your hands).

4 You don’t have to remember your name to mark your yoghurt or shout it to the barista. You may have to remember 7 additional log-in IDs and passwords, however, plus everybody’s personal abbreviation for videoconferencing: Webco, VIC, Telcom, Vidcom, VTLC…

5 Beer o’clock begins when your personal level of stress says it does – which can be before the Levi’s Hour*.

6 You can “hot desk” on the loo, on the sofa, in bed or even in the tub (where it’s easier to wash your hands).

7 You can claim tax relief for a part of your rent or mortgage, internet package, printer ink, toilet paper and slippers. This deductible is the take-away.

* 5.01 pm

Working from home

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