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Durchaus flexibel, was aus meiner Sicht auch erwünscht ist.

Bisher bin ich ganz zufrieden mit dem Training. Sean lässt sich gut auf uns ein und ist nicht starr mit seinem Programm. Durchaus flexibel, was aus meiner Sicht auch erwünscht ist.

Herr Öztürk
Siemens AG

Das geplante vorgehen sagt mir zu.

Es fanden bisher zwei Termine statt. Mir persönlich gefällt das Sprachtraining sehr gut. Herr Roe schafft eine sehr gute Atmosphäre und das geplante vorgehen sagt mir zu.

Herr Schlotfeld
Siemens AG

Das passt prima. Danke schön!

Ja, ich bin sehr zufrieden mit meinem Lehrer. Das passt prima. Sean gibt sich mit mir Anfänger sehr viel Mühe … Danke schön

Frau Schrötz
Siemens AG

Wirklich sehr gut und intensiv.

Danke der Nachfrage, alles bestens ! Bisher hatten wir 2 Einheiten.
Wirklich sehr gut und intensiv.

Herr Surkemper
Siemens AG

The strength is their industry expertise.

The strength is their industry expertise and store of material which concentrates on the vocabulary and structures that I need for work. The professional training was especially useful to help me successfully relocate to London.”

Maxime Simoen

Your zoom sessions are very helpful.

Your zoom sessions are very helpful. I especially need to read various articles so that I can improve my reading comprehension skills. So, I would like to attend the Wed. zoom session every time.

Business English Webinars
Mizuno Tomoko

It was an amazing experience.

I really recommend this training and I have learned a lot of vocabulary. It was an amazing experience

English Conversation Training
Aml Nasser

Clear and useful explanation.

clear and useful explanation
varieties of materials
the more I take lessons the more I feel I get familiar with English articles Thank you

Asha h

ExecNews English language training
Asha h

The course led by well experienced teacher.

The course led by well experienced teacher with latest interesting news articles. For me, it there is difficult to catch different nuance in some words which may lead totally wrong interpretation or fail to enjoy the hidden messages. But I was happy to know that the course focus on those trick words in different usages in various situations. It is online lesson so easily access at home or anywhere. And love these attendees are interactive and share what they learn during the class. I definitely recommend it=)

jongyoon cho

Interesting and useful English training.

I liked very much this very interesting and useful English training about wine styles and it was a great opportunity for me to learn the English terminologies …The teacher has a very charismatic way to present difficult and rare expressions. It has been always a great pleasure to participate in all his seminars.
Thank you

Agnes Voss

Sean’s extensive knowledge across business

As a tech executive who has lived and worked in an English speaking environment since 2008, I had a first world problem finding a proper program to further polish my English skills till I met Sean. What impressed me is not only the originality of his course material, but also how spot on each unit was designed to bridge the gap between an advanced ESL speaker and a native speaker. Sean’s extensive knowledge across business, sports and cultural topics also makes his sessions such a joy to be a part of. I’d recommend Sean to any advanced learner without reservation.

Homer Dong

Ich fühle mich sehr wohl in dem Kurs.

Ich fühle mich sehr wohl in dem Kurs und es macht Spaß daran teilzunehmen. Das Level passt und die bisher verwendeten Unterrichtsmaterialien sind gut und dem Kursniveau entsprechend.

Frau Schröder
Siemens AG

Ungezwungen und mit klaren Fokus auf Praxis.

Wir hatten bisher zwei Sessions, die waren sehr gut. Ungezwungen und mit klaren Fokus auf Praxis. Ich bin derzeit auf Dienstreise und kann schön üben 🙂

Herr Jorra
Siemens AG

Classiest English teaching session.

I personally believe that the quality of the English language training given by Sean and Monika is really superb. Both instructors are very knowledgeable about the English language and its usage. They have also chosen very informative and entertaining reading materials to teach the students and the materials cause the students to be more attentive to the discussion. Most of the vocabularies and grammatical structures used in the teaching sessions are suited for the intermediate level students who want to advance themselves in business English utilization. I am also impressed with the way that Sean and Monika courteously present themselves to the students. For me, they both appear to be highly educated and sophisticated. Their personal appearances and manners seemed to be suitable for their roles as an instructor. They have created the classiest English teaching session I have ever experienced in my life and I believe that I could not easily find any English teaching instruction that could match with this one in terms of English language learning experience.

Kumpe Songvichitr

Wodurch der Unterricht immer Interessant und Lehrreich ist

Ich bin sehr zufrieden und begeistert über den Unterricht mit Sean Roe.
Besonders positiv finde ich wie er im Gespräch bzw Unterricht auf meine Englisch Defizite gezielt eingeht wodurch der Unterricht immer Interessant und Lehrreich ist. Das Lernpensum ist nicht zu viel und nicht zu wenig so dass ich am Folgetermin dort weiterlernen kann wo wir Aufgehört haben.

Candy Braemert
Siemens AG

Ich fand Sean aber von der erste Stunde an super

Wir hatten bis jetzt genau zwei Einheiten. Ich fand Sean aber von der erste Stunde an super.

Nadine Bertram
Siemens AG

Highly detailed training

That was a highly detailed training with a lot of useful information from the current business world. We had the possibility to realize the difference between the UK and US vocab for the same situation and learned many exceptions which cause difficulties for non-native speakers. I recommend everyone who wants to improve their business language skills in the insurance field.

Klára Kovács

Klára Kovács

Very fine lesson, Sean!!

Very fine lesson, Sean!!
Learned a lot!
Thanks indeed!!
Miki Shigeru

Miki Shigeru

Sean was top

Sean was top!

Philipp Mayer

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