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Specialist Language was established in Paris in 2008. The company ran English language training at some of the great business educational institutions such as INSEE and ENASS, as well as teaching executives in many of the major firms in La Defense. Later we concentrated on coaching (notably at Mazars and Generali) and creating bespoke workshops on specific business subjects for Marsh and other financial sector heavyweights. Now present in Berlin, we are training at some of the capital’s largest firms, but also planning a suite of full-day workshops at our premises in Wedding. Founder Sean Roe remembers: "The seed for Specialist Language was sown when I was learning French in-company before moving to Paris on secondment from a large reinsurance firm. It was seemingly impossible to find language trainers who knew the jargon of insurance, banking, investment or economics. People with experience of advanced business functions such as project management, audits or budgeting were also thin on the ground. Years later, after also learning German in-company, I decided to change career path and to use my first-hand experience to teach advanced business English."


“We know our business and we understand yours. English training for professionals”

Sean Roe, Co-Founder

Who We Are

Our team of qualified trainers come from the UK, Ireland and North America, and all worked in specialist fields such as marketing, banking or medicine. Each of them has learned one or more foreign languages via 1:1 or group training themselves, and accumulated years of experience in training B2 – C2 English speakers.Between us we have collected and written hundreds of articles, exercises and lesson plans which are not available elsewhere. Additionally, we have extensive experience in “coaching” activities, such as attending meetings with our trainees, assisting with presentations or speeches and collaborating on documentation.We specialise in eliminating common mistakes, in particular those arising from “false friends”, new terms, and differences between US and British English. Our training also concentrates on growing confidence in using synonyms and antonyms, decoding idiomatic expressions and expressing numbers and figures.

What We Do

We offer specialist custom-made training courses for professionals. The client can choose the format that suits best, whether face-to-face, in a group, by telephone, over the internet or a combination of all or some of these methods. We regularly run Business English workshops in Berlin and other locations. These seminars cover all business areas such as Finance, Insurance, Presentations, International Business, Information Technology, Law, Medicine. Sign up now to one of our workshops or contact us for bespoke courses.Technical and management professionals need to express themselves accurately and to understand the most up-to-date vocabulary. Our courses are designed to fit your training budget and your precise needs and give you the confidence and knowledge required to operate in any English language company. Contact us for your advanced business English course, using our popular blended learning method.

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