Wine Industry English 

Live Online Training Course

Prerequisites: English level B2 and above.

The program helps those working in the hospitality and wine industry to greatly improve their business English. The course focuses on the vocabulary of wine making, tasting, and marketing.

Wine industry English courses of this kind can be offered to staff in the hospitality sector, or taken by wine professionals to help them communicate in their export, marketing and wine trade fairs.

Learn how to describe the different characteristics of wine, the different steps in the life cycle of wine in English, and much more.

Presented by Sean Roe, a highly-qualified English trainer, who also lived in wine regions and worked in the wine industry for over 15 years. He started a wine bar and shop, exported wines to the UK and Ireland, and partook in wine fairs promoting wine for large producers.

As well as the vocabulary and its pronunciation, Sean will make sure you can use the grammatical structures necessary to discuss these themes.

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The English of Wine

Subjects covered:

  • Numbers used in the wine industry
  • The English of growing grapes
  • The vocabulary of the winery and vinification
  • Conducting a wine-tasting
  • Describing wine tastes and aromas
  • Preparing for a wine show
  • Marketing wine, including writing flyers and labels
  • Communicating with the public and other wine professionals
  • The vocabulary of shipping and customs
  • The English of dining and food matches

Wine Industry English Training

Course Price

250 euro


8 online sessions of 90 minutes each

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