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Advance your career with improved business English. Unique content specialising in Insurance, Finance, Medical, Legal, Wine, International Business, and much more.

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Online English Course


Online English Course

Wine Industry

Online English Course

Project Management

Online English Course


Live Training


Live Training


Live Training


Live Training

Private English Course

Intensive English coaching is essential for your business, be it as a regular course or on an ad hoc basis. Typically, one or more people have an important presentation or meeting in the coming weeks and want to work on their materials, documents, and speeches before the big day.

English Training

Choose the format that suits you best; and start perfecting your business English.

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Insurance English

Live Training Course

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Our Clients

We have conducted English language training at some of the major business education institutions such as INSEE and ENASS, and taught executives at many of the major companies in Paris’ financial district, including Mazars, Allianz, and Generali.


Business English

Why a specialist trainer

Shouldn’t you just brush up on your conversational skills, practice some small-talk and try to master the present perfect?

Property English

Property Market | Covid

7 ways the Property Market may change after Covid-19. Our lives will change in the near future, but to what extent? 

English Learning Tools


5 reasons to use Quizlet. Quizlet takes palm-cards to a new level, introducing a flexibility that you cannot get from bits of paper.

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