Intensify your learning with online lessons

Practise speaking English during video or telephone lessons.

Learning online can be the best way to perfect your English skills. Become proficient by training with our extremely professional instructors, during online lessons adapted to your level.

Our specialist remote lessons are really mini Blended Learning courses:

  • a needs analysis is performed, and a course outline is agreed with the student
  • the trainee drives the content, and can supply their own material
  • the trainer will also source relevant, interesting, and exclusive exercises
  • lessons are scheduled in advance – usually for 60 or 90 minutes
  • before each lesson the student receives a reminder email with material to look at before and/or during the call
  • during the lesson the student is interrupted as little as possible, in order to encourage fluency and confidence
  • the conversation is a mixture of socio-professional chat and subject- or grammar-based instruction
  • after every lesson the student receives an email correcting any mistakes, with accompanying exercises
  • the trainee will also learn and practise the vocabulary of online communication

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