The English of Wine Part 1

The English of Wine Part 1


This study guide is for English language students focusing on the hospitality and wine industries. It is the first in a series and includes the following subjects: wine styles, tasting notes translated from both French and German and wine production vocabulary.

Learn the English of Wine using fun exercises, games and quizzes. This Quizlet study guide contains 23 study sets on wine styles, production and tasting.

The exercises have been designed by a wine professional who has 20 years experience in the wine industry, a WSET level 3 qualification and a CertIBET business English training certificate from Trinity College, London.

The study sets have over 600 terms to learn using flashcards on the subjects of wine styles, wine regions, wine characteristics, wine production and more.

You can learn the characteristics translated from both French and German, which will enable you to describe wine in English by it’s appearance, aroma and taste.

Purchase this study guide now to receive a document with the link to each study set plus the password required to start your fun learning.

The study sets included are:

  • Champagne Bottle Sizes
  • Collocations in wine-making
  • European Wines and their Main Varieties
  • Mouthfeel and Taste A – I (English-French)
  • Mouthfeel and Taste A – I (English/German)
  • Mouthfeel and Taste J – Z (English-French)
  • Mouthfeel and Taste J – Z (English/German)
  • The English of the Colours of Wine
  • The Vineyard Cycle
  • Wine Appearance (English – French)
  • Wine Appearance (English – German)
  • Wine Floral Aromas (English – French)
  • Wine Floral Aromas (English – German)
  • Wine Fruit Aromas (English – French)
  • Wine Fruit Aromas (English – German)
  • Wine Herbal Aromas (English – French)
  • Wine Herbal Aromas (English – German)
  • Wine Making Steps
  • Wine Other Aromas (English – French)
  • Wine Other aromas (English – German)
  • Wine regions of France
  • Wine Style Examples
  • Wine Styles

Try for free the Quizlet on the steps of wine making to experience the format and style of these self-study training courses.

You can see all the study sets with their descriptions here on the Quizlet website.

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