Anglo-Saxon Work Culture

Anglo-Saxon Work Culture, Study Guide


This study guide is for students of the English language. It focuses on Anglo-Saxon culture. Some of the lessons are based on more general English vocabulary such as names and titles. There are also lessons based on different English language countries such as the USA, UK and Ireland. All of these exercises would be useful for people dealing with UK companies, or looking to relocate to Great Britain.

Learn Anglo-Saxon work culture using this comprehensive study guide, which gives access to fun exercises, games and quizzes.

This Quizlet study guide contains 22 study sets onAnglo-Saxon English, which have over 600 terms to learn using flashcards on the subjects of American vs British English, names and titles, geography and more.

Our exclusive exercises have been designed by a financial professional who has 20 years experience in the insurance industry and a CertIBET business English training certificate from Trinity College, London.

Purchase this study guide now, and you will receive a document with the link to each study set plus the password required to start your fun learning.

The study sets included are:

  • American vs British English – Advanced. (A : H)
  • American vs British English – Advanced. (I : Z)
  • American vs British English – Intermediate (A : H)
  • Capital Cites in English. (A – I)
  • Capital Cites in English. (J – Z)
  • Cockney Rhyming Slang Used Today – Easy
  • Cockney Rhyming Slang Used Today – Hard
  • English Proverbs
  • Expressions Originating from Card Games – Advanced
  • Expressions Originating from Card Games – Intermediate
  • Holidays – Advanced
  • Latin phrases in English. A – I
  • Latin phrases in English. J – Z
  • NATO Phonetic Alphabet – Advanced
  • Slang terms used in Ireland
  • The English of being British
  • The English of First Name Abbreviations
  • The English of Names and Titles
  • The English of Nationalities
  • The Working Calendar
  • UK vs US Words With Different Meanings

Try for free the Quizlet on the working calendar to experience the format and style of these self-study training courses.

You can see all the study sets with their descriptions here on the Quizlet website.


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