One-day seminar on Numbers, Statistics and Graphs

Pre-requisites. This course is for students of B1+ to C2 level English.

This one-day workshop aims to help attendees become more comfortable understanding, expressing and writing numbers and figures in English.

Pre-workshop preparation:  This is a “cafeteria” course in some of which the subjects to be covered are selected by the students in advance.

Standard units:

  • Percentages, fractions and decimals
  • Expressing “zero”
  • Prices and exchange rates
  • Rating, ranking and ordinals
  • Dates and times
  • Market reporting and charts
  • Basic mathematical functions
  • Large numbers

Optional units (max 4):               

  • Logic
  • Indian numbers
  • Imperial measurements and dimensions
  • Averages (mean, median and mode)
  • Advanced algebraic terms
  • Progressions
  • Advanced algebraic terms
  • Probability terminology
  • Statistics, sampling and surveys
  • Precision and estimation

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