Management Reporting, Measurements and Money

Live Training Course

Pre-requisites: English level B2 and above.

The program aims to help participants to perform executive tasks in English – especially when they need to express and write numbers and figures.

You will learn how to compare company results, discuss product ranking and rating, understand market reports (including the stock exchange and FOREX) and much more.

Presented by Sean Roe, a highly qualified English trainer who also has 15 years business experience in reinsurance, finance and start-ups.

As well as the vocabulary and its pronunciation, Sean will make sure you can use the grammatical structures necessary to discuss these themes.

Management Reporting live English training
Management Reporting live English training course

Start Date

16th Apr 2021

10 am CET

1.5 Hours

End Date

04th Jun 2021


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Management Reporting Measurements Money

Subjects covered:

  • Basic Terms in Numbers
  • Approximations
  • Expressing Large Numbers
  • The many ways of saying “zero”
  • Reporting and Forecasts
  • Management Reporting | Ranking
  • Management Reporting | Comparing Results
  • Management Reporting | Rating
  • Scoring and Surveys
  • Monetary Values
  • Prices and Discounts
  • Currencies and FOREX
  • Charts, Graphs and Tables
  • Measurements and Dimensions
  • Averages (mean, median and mode)
  • Dates and Times
Online Training
Business English training course online

Course Price

250 euro


8 online sessions of 90 minutes each

Course material


Anglais Professionnel 

Sujets traités:

  • Termes de base en chiffres
  • Approximations
  • Exprimer de grands nombres
  • Les nombreuses façons de dire “zero”
  • Rapports de gestion | Classement
  • Rapports de gestion | Notation
  • Comparaison des résultats
  • Notation et sondages
  • Valeurs monétaires
  • Prix ​​et réductions
  • Devises et FOREX
  • Graphiques, graphiques et tableaux
  • Mesures et dimensions
  • Moyennes (moyenne, médiane et mode)
  • Dates et heures
Sean Roe
Sean Roe | Business English trainer

Le Professeur

15 ans d’expérience professionnelle

CertIbet Certificat

Excellent communicateur


Mazars, Marsh

Siemens, Allianz,

Generali, Unicredit


Behandelte Themen:

  • Grundbegriffe in Zahlen
  • Annäherungen
  • Große Zahlen ausdrücken
  • Die vielen Möglichkeiten, „Null“ zu sagen
  • Berichterstattung und Prognosen
  • Management Reporting | Ranking
  • Management Reporting | Ergebnisse vergleichen
  • Management Reporting | Rating
  • Wertung und Umfragen
  • Geldwerte
  • Preise und Rabatte
  • Währungen und FOREX
  • Diagramme, Grafiken und Tabellen
  • Maße und Abmessungen
  • Durchschnittswerte (Mittelwert, Median und Modus)
  • Daten und Zeiten

Business English Training

Der Trainer

15 Jahre Berufserfahrung

CertIbet Qualifikation

Exzellent Kommunikator


Mazars, Marsh

Siemens, Allianz,

Generali, Unicredit