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Improve your business English with this intensive interactive course on management English. The program consists of 7 hours of video training, 15 quizzes and 3 Quizlets.  Sign up here to avail of our limited offer 30% coupon.


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management english

Reporting budgets and forecasts

Discussing rankings and ratings

Expressing very large and very small numbers

Using approximations

Saying “zero” multiple ways (oh, nought, nil … )

Comparing figures (including percentages and fractions)

Presenting survey and test results

Talking about money and foreign exchange

Setting prices and discounts

Telling the time and date

Describing charts, tables and graphs

Understanding dimensions and measurements

experienced trainer

This course has been written, and is presented, by Londoner Sean Roe, who has been training professionals for over 15 years in business English. He has first-hand industry experience having worked in London and France for 15 years in reinsurance, finance and business development. His skill as a teacher will help you to perfect your English in an enjoyable and structured manner.


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