High-level training | Intensive English coaching

One-2-one coaching can respond to the individual needs of your business.

This intensive English coaching may be a better fit for your business, whether as a regular course, or on an ad hoc basis. Typically one or more people have an important presentation or meeting coming up in the weeks ahead, and want to work on their materials, documents and delivery before the big day.

Another example is the department which holds meetings in English. This is a common language with the department head, who may be based abroad. Some teams choose to have a business language specialist present either in practice sessions, or at the actual meeting.

Specialist Language has a template-based method for this type of training, which produces excellent results for the client and the training provider. We offer custom-made training courses which can be delivered in the format that suits you, whether face-to-face, in a group, by telephone, over the internet or a combination of methods.

Our specialised English-language courses benefit technical professionals in two ways:

  • English grammar and usage are demonstrated using sample phrases for the appropriate industry. Various idioms, expressions and numbers are studied in the context in which they are likely to appear.
  • Technical language is changing all the time, and interpretation varies between companies and markets. Recent changes in the use of “casualty” confuse insurance communication. The different meanings of words such as “compensation” and “endorsement” between Britain and the US can be confusing.

Send us a request for intensive English coaching and we will propose the best solution for you.

Learn the English of the British working calendar by studying our free Quizlet exercise.

Test your English skills using our free intermediate  or advanced level tool and we will provide you with detailed feedback.