One-day seminar on the English of Insurance

Sign up now to our online live training on the English of Insurance. This course takes place over 8 weeks with virtual training sessions of 90 minutes each.

Insurance workshops can combine a number of single-subject modules:

  • Numbers and money for Finance, Insurance and Banking
  • The life cycle of a policy from product design to expiry date
  • A summary of the various types of insurance
  • Insurance contracts
  • Insurance companies

These modules can be combined to form intensive courses lasting from one day to a week, or spread over a number of shorter training sessions – for example 4 x 3 hours.

Generally students are happy with one or two of these as a supplement to their regular lessons. We email and/or telephone the student in advance of the workshop to gain an understanding of ther job, and to find out what they would like to cover. Workshops can be extended to an all-day 7 hour session, which is intense, but can help to plan the week and allows the attendee to benefit through ‘immersion’.

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