Specialist Language Courses | English Training

Test your English skills using our free intermediate or advanced level tool and we will respond to you with detailed feedback on your answers.

Our business English training is aimed at English language students of all levels.

We offer specialist custom-made training courses for professionals. The client can choose the format that suits best, whether face-to-face, in a group, by telephone, over the internet or a combination of all or some of these methods.

Technical and management professionals need to express themselves accurately and to understand the most up-to-date vocabulary. Our courses are designed to fit your training budget and your precise needs.

We recommend a blended learning program which allows you to learn English the way you use it. You will receive access to online quizzes, email exercises with audio, video and texts, plus accompanying explanations. You can customise your training to include as many  individual lessons as suits you,  to help with pronunciation and fluency.

Targeted coaching can be much more effective than traditional teaching. For example, many students prefer to concentrate on specific gaps in their knowledge and we can help with exercises designed to address:

– false friends and language traps
– synonyms and antonyms
– phrasal verbs and other conversational constructions
– technical vocab and important collocations

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