1. Who played Shakespeare in the film Shakespeare in Love?
  2. Complete this quote: “All that  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is not gold”
  3. What links WS to actor and businessman Adam Shulman?
  4. How much did a copy of WS first folio sell for in October in New York?
  5. Which Med island is the star of Othello?
  6. How many lines must a sonnet contain?
  7. Several Shakespeare plays refer to an alcoholic drink called “sack”. What do we call it today?
  8. Who was Hamnet?


  1. Which 4 names make up the luxury brand moniker LVMH?
  2. What does TESOL stand for?
  3. Which firm was started by Robert Lynn, Adrian Dalsey and Larry Hillblom?
  4. Kamala Harris’ middle name starts with a “D”: what is it?
  5. What are the new initials that are supposed to replace BC and AD when talking about years?
  6. What is the difference between COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2?
  7. Translate this phrase: ICYMI, TIL that my bf is the goat rn.
  8. Which words make up the SCUBA acronym?


  1. Barcelona has 9 UNESCO monuments; how many are down to Antoni Gaudí?
  2. Which country has borders with India, Bangladesh, China, Thailand, and Laos?
  3. Which city has the busiest port on the Mediterranean?
  4. The citizens of which country are the tallest in the world?
  5. In which country is Timbuktu?
  6. Which city is further from the equator: Berlin, Vancouver, Ulaanbaatar or Port Stanley?
  7. Which world record was held for 238 years by Lincoln Cathedral?
  8. Which cities have these nicknames: The Big Easy, The Tavern of the Seas?


  1. In which sport are Vladimir Samsanov and Timo Boll two of the all-time legends?
  2. In which sport is the net 5 feet high?
  3. What sport goes: “yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, black”?
  4. Which grand English manor house gives its name to both a racquet sport and a 3-day equestrian event?
  5. Which sport gets its nickname from the word “association”?
  6. Which sport has 45 players per side – although they don’t all play at the same time – and one of them is called “tight end”?
  7. In which sport is “duck” the word for “zero”?
  8. Which world team championships are being held in Calgary right now? Sweden won the men’s, and Korea, Scotland and Germany are still in contention for the women’s.


  1. Write down the elements that have these symbols: Fe, Hg, Cu, Pb
  2. Which British scientist invented calculus during a pandemic?
  3. What is unusual about the Echidna?
  4. What are the tallest trees on the world?
  5. Why do centipedes almost never have exactly 100 legs?
  6. Which muscle in the body is only connected at one end?
  7. Apart from the Jurassic, name another period of the Geological time scale.
  8. Draw a diplodocus dinosaur.


  1. From which country does most of the cork for wine bottles come from?
  2. Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc are the parent grapes of which famous wine grape?
  3. What does QbA stand for on a German wine bottle?
  4. What are the flavours of the two syrups you can add to Berliner Weisse?
  5. What is Tequila made out of?
  6. In which alcohol is the “polishing ratio” (typically between 70% and 30%) an important percentage?
  7. What is the legal minimum alcohol by volume of Scotch Whisky?
  8. What is a Qvevri?

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