Live Training Course in Business English Communication

Pre-requisites: English level B2 and above.

More up-to-date than any textbook – and most websites – this course will cover the key language of modern business life.

As well as the vocabulary and its pronunciation, Sean will make sure you can use the grammatical structures necessary to discuss these themes.

Learn the business culture of the English-speaking world so that it all makes sense!

Presented by Sean Roe, a highly qualified English trainer who also has 15 years business experience in reinsurance, finance and start-ups.

Business Communication in English

Start Date

14th Apr 2021

10 am CET

1.5 Hours

End Date

02nd Jun 2021


Early subscription to this business English communication course is available for the reduced price of 150 euros.

(before March 17th)

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Business English Communication 

Subjects covered:

  • effective presentations
  • in-person and online meetings
  • intro – numbers
  • intro – finance
  • intro – insurance and banking
  • project management
  • budgets and forecasts
  • writing emails
  • writing reports
  • common office software terms

Business English Communication Online

Course Price

199 euros


8 online sessions of 90 minutes each

Course material


Communication en Anglais Professionnel 

Sujets traités:

  • présentations efficaces
  • réunions 
  • introduction aux nombres
  • introduction à la finance
  • introduction à l’assurance
  • gestion de projet
  • budgets et prévisions
  • e-mails peaufinés
  • rédaction de rapports
  • logiciel du bureau

Business English Training

Le Professeur

15 ans d’expérience professionnelle

CertIbet Certificat

Excellent communicateur


Mazars, Marsh

Siemens, Allianz,

Generali, Unicredit

Kommunikation in Business Englisch

Behandelte Themen:

  • effektive Präsentationen
  • Meetings
  • Einführung in Zahlen
  • Einführung in die Finanzierung
  • Einführung in die Versicherung
  • Projektmanagement
  • Budgets und Prognosen
  • Emails schreiben
  • Berichterstattung
  • gemeinsame Software

Business Englisch

Der Trainer

15 Jahre Berufserfahrung

CertIbet Qualifikation

Exzellent Kommunikator


Mazars, Marsh

Siemens, Allianz,

Generali, Unicredit

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